Client Satisfaction Manager

About Snowfall

We at Snowfall are a global IT company that specializes in the travel industry. We work proudly with many global leaders within the air, rail and sea travel industries. Some of our clients include SAS, MTR, American Airlines, and Panasonic. At Snowfall, we work with agile system solutions, IT business development and even provide consultancy services within marketing. With our established relationships with clients based all over the world, you can find us in Stockholm, Uppsala, Zagreb, Berlin, Madrid, New York, and San Francisco.

Job Description:

As a CSM, you will play a key role in attracting new clients and developing our relationships with our wide range of existing clients. Your primary responsibility is to direct and develop both the strategic and operational aspects of our client relationships. Through detailed business analysis, you will submit suggested measures to help increase efficiency and performance – to help take our clients to the next level. The focus of this role is to fulfill client contracts and expectations by working towards reaching defined targets of cost-effectiveness, operational performance, and customer satisfaction in compliance with the Snowfall mission.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Establish and strengthen the collaboration between Snowfall’s clients and relevant internal departments especially in terms of procedures and networks.
  • Act as a liaison between clients and internal teams, making sure that the communication channels are open and clear
  • Responsible for client satisfaction in regard to Snowfall deliveries
  • Participate in relevant conventions to establish new and strengthen existing client relations
  • Follow and stay updated on current laws, contracts and Snowfall policies, procedures, and goals

As the Client Satisfaction Manager, you will report to the Chief Commercial Officer.

Your background

To be a successful CSM for Snowfall, you will need a solid background in client relations such as Customer Acquisition Manager, Sales Manager or similar. Experience with B2B sales or sales of complex IT solutions is highly merited. We are looking for someone with a proven track record of establishing and developing successful customer relationships. Since a significant part of our work is focused on global travel companies, we prefer if you had previous experience within the travel industry.

Your personality

To be a successful Snowfall CSM, you would need to be an emotionally intelligent, solutions driven and social person. We highly value a quality personality and are looking for someone who is business-minded, communicative and hardworking. You feel comfortable working with different types of people and find it easy to establish long-term client relationships based on trust. To feel at home at Snowfall, it is important that you are a person who is motivated by continuous change and are determined to develop yourself personally and professionally. You are someone who understands our business and is able to work with the bigger picture as well as important details.

What we offer:

We offer a high-paced and upbeat work environment where you are part of, and contribute to, Snowfall’s continuous development. You will be working in an organization with unique and innovative projects for international clients. At Snowfall, you have the opportunity to develop professionally, work with a variety of projects, and influence your future within the company through your personal initiatives. You will team up with driven, competent and knowledgeable colleagues. Not only that, but you will see these amazing colleagues in our conveniently-situated modern offices in Stockholm’s Central Station and Uppsala’s Ekeby.


This is a permanent position and it is appointed according to agreement. In case of any questions, please reach out to our CCO, Soliman Herrera at [email protected]

The selection process is ongoing.

Posted on October 19th
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